Thursday, November 5, 2009

Safe ~ Phil Wickham the story behind the song...

Phil Wickham's song Safe came about after he spoke to someone after a concert one night.
The man whom he spoke to told him a story that moved him to tears and he then wrote his beautiful and poignant song Safe. ( see the post above). which is on his new album out November 2009.

The story: The man started to tell his story. He was a sucessful business man with a company that was doing really well, but over recent times the going became harder and tighter and tighter. He got to the point where he said "Lord I just don't know what to do" The man was in debt with his house repayments and with other things too. The lord eventually brought him to the place where he was broken and he realised that the most important thing, far more important than his business and his sucess was to be in love with God and to know his love. God said to him that he should be faithful to him, to his wife and to his children as God had put them in his care. The money and everything else didn't matter, they paled into insignificance because God and his family were far more important.
One morning the man got up and took large pieces of card. he stuck them to the side of his car with his name and his number and said "I'll do anything" and all of a sudden there was contractor after contractor coming to him saying "I've got work for you". Phil was struck by the love the man expressed for the lord, that even though he was in toough times he could still praise the Lord.

This could easily be anyones story in this present climate... I pray that for all those going through hard times, that Gods love and fithfulness will be real to them.

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