Thursday, April 23, 2009

Joyful, Joyful

Who can fail to love the movies Sister Act and Sister Act 2. Dispite being written for a secular audience, the story lines are based in a convent and feature lots of "religious" practice.
The songs are full of praise to God. Maybe not all in Christian songs, but in an earthly manner. Songs that can be applied to our relationship to God when we know what to look for. It is our experiences as Christians that allow us to take song such as You raise me up or bridge over troubled water and make them intop acts of praise to God.
Other songs in the movies are re jigged christian songs and anthems. Joyful Joyful is one of those. The lyrics were originally written in 1907 and designed to go with the music ode to joy by Beethoven, and yet so naturally the words flow into this modern interpretation.
Enjoy and worship!

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