Friday, February 27, 2009

Just let me say ~ Geoff Bullock

Just let me say how much I Love you
My saviour, my Lord and Friend.

But let me not only say it to you Lord, but to anyone who I am given the chance to share it with.

Just think for one moment how terrible it would be for a friend to turn around to you and say

"But you never told me ... you never shared these things with me, the things that God gives to you, the things that God is to you:
the finest whisper as he gently call my name,
His power and his glory, his spirit's flame,
when he is with you in your deserts (hard times) turning those times into joys,
to know what it is to be completely surrendered to him.
The passion of knowing the endless love you have found in him.
His Grace
His forgivness, to be called his child
And to be able to call him your saviour, your Lord and your Friend.

Father God, give us the courage to speak out, to share you with others, to be prepared for ridicule, for you went through so much more than that for us. let our lives be worthy of you. let others see you in us. Give us courage and opportunity. Amen

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