Friday, March 25, 2011

Lent series ~ Intimately Aquainted with Me

I found this whilst browsing through the many renditions of Psalm 139 on You tube. it seems I'm not the only one who loves the Psalm
I'll let Masterpiece do all the talking!

Lord you search me and know me
when I sit and when I rise
Lord You know my thoughts before I think them
Lord my path you scrutenise
My lying down
My every word
All this knowledge is so high
Lord you're intimately aquainted with me
Where can I flee from your presence
why would I even try?
If I fly into the heavens
Or to Hell om Earth I slide
You are there
You are with me
Even there your hand will lead me
The darkness will not overwhelm me
For even dark is light to thee
Lord you know my inward parts
Inside my mothers womb you weave
Daughter fearfully and wonderfully made
In the image of her king
How prescious are your thoughts to me o God
How vast the sum of them
If I were to count them
They would outnumber every single grain of sand
Lord you are intimately aquainted with me

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    All the best, Bob West